1. i support the provision of electric vehicle [EV] charge points in Thames and surrounds.  at present, this major tourism destination has no provision for travellers in Evs.

  2. cycling requires a higher profile in Thames and across the District.  TCDC (with Hauraki District Council) should encourage and facilitate land-owners and land-managers to work with interest groups, industry, and volunteers to develop a network of cross country cycle tracks to connect the Hauraki RailTrailheads (Thames and Waihi) with the other 5 main centres on the peninsula.  better cyclist provision (bike racks, cycle paths, cycle ways marked on roads etc) around the peninsula would add to the success of the District as a destination, and to the RailTrail as a visitor experience.

  3. i support greater TCDC assistance for householders to access insulation and energy savings initiatives.  having been involved in such a scheme, i know first hand the benefits received.

  4. i support TCDC fulfilling its obligations to have clear and visible climate change planning that detail and acknowledge Government perceived maximum and minimum anticipated impacts over 15, 30, 50 and 100 years.  these need to be available on the TCDC site, and to people contemplating develoments on marginal or flood prone land, and showing how this is happening as part of a communication policy.

  5. i support encouragement and facilitation of climate change resilience and transition positive relocalisation projects to build economic resilience and community across district.  these would be trans-sectorial - ie: social, environmental and art/cultural co-operation to raise awareness and achieve outcomes.  for example:

a particular focus on food production and supply would reduce food miles and build local industry and local identity.  a "homegrown" scheme (eg: promotional label on foodstuffs and in restaurants and shops) would cost little and create high visibility and awareness of local food and specialities.

encouraging all communities of 750 people or more to establish and maintain community gardens would enciurage food awareness, community cohesion, and re-establish vanishing skills.  encouraging retired people to share know-how and skills bridges the generation skills gap, enhances intergenerational understanding, and adds meaning and purpose to people's lives.

advancing community fruit tree and other growing projects (eg: community coppicing for fuel etc) complements community garden projects.  maintenance can be achieved through working closely with rehabilitation and probabtion groups, as well as making use of community recycling prgrammes (eg: for mulch and compost).

a focus on renewable and clean energy would be in line with the Urban Vision for Thamesd (2013) and provide opportunities for local employment, and to build energy resilience.  encouraging businesses along Pollen Street to lay the foundations for a solar network would be a good start at no financial cost.  having key council buildings fitted out with solar panels would be a cost saving, energy effective approach with a capital cost that would be recouped through depreciation and energy savings - meaning a move to zero cost electricity within 8 years, on equipment with a 25 year guaranteed lifetime..

a focus on waste reduction through zero waste policy, developing recycling activities with local groups and Smart environmental (or similar), raising awareness on food waste, promoting composting programmes at dumps and waste collection centres, increasing waste collection costs and using this to subsidise making composting and waste reduction "technology" available to householders.

6. promoting local and district linked business association committment to promoting local energy efficiency and generation, encouraging local food production, raising a "Taste Coromandel" profile (or similar), and showing how this is happening as part of a communication policy.

7. Extending a clear place in local governance conversation to tangata whenua, and showing how this is happening as part of its communication policy.

8. Commit to Heritage as being about how we attend to our past AND future.   On page 22, it says: " Another initiative being pursued as part of the Economic Development package is the potential for the Coromandel to become  a Heritage Region. There are no project costs associated with this project as, in its conceptual stage, it will only require staff resource. "   however, this seems unlikely since  i note the recent loss of TCDC paid and financed district heritage provision.  this needs to be reinstated if we are to fulfill the promise of truly being "a heritage district".  

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