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Pauline is back in business in a prime spot overlooking the firth and township of Thames. 

 Waxing, Facials, Manicures, Pedicures, Brow Shape and tint, eyelash tinting.  Megan our Intense Pulse Light (IPL) therapist visits monthly.  Phone 07 868 3255 for an appointment. www.chartremanor.co.nz

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Great News for Solar (1):

Siemens and Semprius double photovoltaic effiency.

Great news for Solar (2):

using salt to capture and store energy

Peak Oil again in news - Nature magazine article. follow link: Co-author David King is former science advisor to UK government. 

The idea of ‘peak oil’ — that global production will reach a peak and then decline — has been around for decades.  The true volume of proven global reserves is clouded by secrecy; forecasts by state oil companies are not audited and seem to be exaggerated. The notion that oil is produced by the earth - abiogenic oil - is largely discredited.


Should we be concerned about the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA)? Click link for news.

If these secret negotiations succeed [the only documents in the public domain have been leaked] they will create a mega-treaty across nine or more countries that puts a straightjacket on the policies and laws our government can adopt for the next century and give massive new powers to corporations.

Thames residents may be sitting on a gold mine

There is an application to prospect for gold underneath the town pending approval.

The application by Zedex Gold [application 53981 - purple on map] was lodged with the Ministry of Economic Development on October 4th 2011.

To find out more background see these links:  

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