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Sharing house and/or pet minding for out-of-town holiday times

Hello T3 Friends,

We're looking to make contact with one or more people in the Thames area who have a pet or two, and who may be interested in sharing some house and/or pet-minding for short and medium lengths of time.

Our idea is to find people with a cat or dog or two, who need to have their pet(s) looked after while they're away on holidays - and who would be happy to look after our pet(s) when we're out of town, either for just a weekend…


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Electric vehicles and T3 launches a new blog

Exciting news! More electric vehicles are coming to Thames. And, You can drive one. This month T3 will be hosting an electric vehicle (EV) event at the Thames Civic Centre, where the general public will have the opportunity to drive an EV, talk to experts in the field and some current owners. This event has come about thanks to the determined effort of two of our local EV owner-enthusiasts John and Ian, who are also members of T3.

New Zealand produces 80% of…


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Odee's blog

I have a blog at:

In the past I have posted about solo gigs I've played but lately have posted about being locked out of Facebook and becoming vegan. Something I haven't really written about is finding a film called Cowspiracy which is now financially backed by Leonardo deCaprio. It talks about the affect of the beef and dairy industries on climate change. And here I was biking and hitching everywhere thinking it was… Continue

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Beekeeping Plus Internship Applications Open!

Kai Ora New Zealand!

This year here at the Wilderland Trust we are opening space for three interns to join our apiary team and learn the art of Bee Keeping. On top of caring for the bees you will have the opportunity to work with our dedicated staff as they seek to develop sustainable systems of living in other areas including food production, building and business.

This is a live in internship and accommodation and food is provided. Successful applicants will be passionate about…


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STOP Plastic Pollution from Aquaculture rope offcuts

To: Clevedon Coast Oysters, Moana Pacific and Thames Mussels Ltd

Prevent rope offcuts and any other associated plastic from entering the ocean. This can be achieved by either using biodegradable ropes or by adjusting current practices.

Why is…


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Warning labels at the pumps? Climate-change activist wants to stick it to gas retailers

An activist wants climate-change warning stickers — claiming effects from at-risk caribou to sick children — made mandatory on every gas nozzle. To the surprise of gasoline retailers, some Canadian municipalities are listening.

to


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What Mark S Put on the LTP Site

  1. i support the provision of electric vehicle [EV] charge points in Thames and surrounds.  at present, this major tourism destination has no provision for travellers in Evs.

  2. cycling requires a higher profile in Thames and across the District.  TCDC (with Hauraki District…


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My New Urban Permaculture Project

Hi everybody,

I recently moved to Kerepehi, have bought a property in the village, a house with an 800 square metre section, and am beginning a project to transform it into an urban permaculture property.

I have set up a Facebook Page, and will be posting details of the project as it proceeds, with photos and comments about the issues that come up and how I go about resolving them. I expect this Page to eventually become a resource for urban permaculture, and a place to discuss…


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Can we make Thames a "Foodscape"?

I've got the posting below from Facebook but I have no qualms copying it into T3. The Fruity Trees Carbon Offset project is a step in the right direction. Now let's rip up all those unused lawns that just add to the carbon emissions with whining lawnmowers and get growing food instead.
The photo below has been taken in "Geneva,…

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Please sign this petition


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Linda Sheehan speaking on The Rights of Nature: Ecological Economics

 Our central email is  You can also go to Contact Us at

Linda Sheehan, Earth Law Center addresses UN General Assembly …


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The Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature/Newsletter

Rights of Nature - updates from around the world!



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Peter Joseph Interview

More on this spiritually aligned, socially responsible, forward thinking man..


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PETER JOSEPH on The Big Questions

 Take the time to watch this video, more than once! It succinctly lays out the opposing values between our profit driven economic system, and an, environmentally/socially sustainable system. Peter Joseph has his head and his heart in the right place to help lay out a ground-plan for survival amongst the crazy downhill pursuits of our current economic and social fabric resulting in the environmentally and socially destructive spiral we find ourselves…


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A Wise Response

Add your support to the campaign for a wise political response to our deteriorating world and a comprehensive risk assessment of New Zealand's environment, economy and sense of community

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Happyzine - good news

What if we were constantly being exposed to the GOOD news that's happening in the world, instead of the crime and disasters.  If you'd rather be cheered up and encouraged, than brought down and discouraged, check out:    Charlotte has been getting the good news out about communities getting together, helping themselves and the environment, for the last 5 years.  Let's share all the good stuff that happens in T3 :-)

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More information about the Earth Education Gathering

If you would like more information about earth education, Steve Van Matre or the introduction to earth education and speech you can follow the links below.

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Earth Education Gathering to take place in the Kaueranga Valley

Steve Van Matre, founder of the Institute for Earth Education and author of many books and programmes introducing children to nature, will be delivering the Introduction to Earth Education workshop and his inspiring speech "Mapbearers, toolkeepers, starmakers as part of the 2013 Earth Education Gathering, which will take place from the 22nd to the 24th of March at the Kauaeranga Forest Education Camp.

If you think you may be interested in attending this event or in volunteering to… Continue

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Its pretty straightforward.  When you sign up you'll be asked a few questions to make sure you're not a robot or some malevolent marketing tyrant somewhere exotic.

It will ask you for a picture - the site prefers JPG to all other formats.  However, you're not obliged to give one, and you'll be given a patchwork world image.  Quite fitting really!

If you've stopped getting emails from us (usually a news and events update every 2-3 weeks), its most likely you've changed your email address, and not told the site.  

You can update this by clicking on the little cog/Settings button (just above here, up by the photos of members) and this will take you to your page, and there's an option to change your email.


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