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My New Urban Permaculture Project

Hi everybody,

I recently moved to Kerepehi, have bought a property in the village, a house with an 800 square metre section, and am beginning a project to transform it into an urban permaculture property.

I have set up a Facebook Page, and will be posting details of the project as it proceeds, with photos and comments about the issues that come up and how I go about resolving them. I expect this Page to eventually become a resource for urban permaculture, and a place to discuss…


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Can we make Thames a "Foodscape"?

I've got the posting below from Facebook but I have no qualms copying it into T3. The Fruity Trees Carbon Offset project is a step in the right direction. Now let's rip up all those unused lawns that just add to the carbon emissions with whining lawnmowers and get growing food instead.
The photo below has been taken in "Geneva,…

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Please sign this petition


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Linda Sheehan speaking on The Rights of Nature: Ecological Economics

 Our central email is Nature@TheRightsofNature.org.  You can also go to Contact Us at TheRightsofNature.org.

Linda Sheehan, Earth Law Center addresses UN General Assembly …


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The Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature/Newsletter

Rights of Nature - updates from around the world!



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Peter Joseph Interview

More on this spiritually aligned, socially responsible, forward thinking man..


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PETER JOSEPH on The Big Questions

 Take the time to watch this video, more than once! It succinctly lays out the opposing values between our profit driven economic system, and an, environmentally/socially sustainable system. Peter Joseph has his head and his heart in the right place to help lay out a ground-plan for survival amongst the crazy downhill pursuits of our current economic and social fabric resulting in the environmentally and socially destructive spiral we find ourselves…


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A Wise Response

Add your support to the campaign for a wise political response to our deteriorating world and a comprehensive risk assessment of New Zealand's environment, economy and sense of community

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Happyzine - good news

What if we were constantly being exposed to the GOOD news that's happening in the world, instead of the crime and disasters.  If you'd rather be cheered up and encouraged, than brought down and discouraged, check out:  www.happyzine.co.nz    Charlotte has been getting the good news out about communities getting together, helping themselves and the environment, for the last 5 years.  Let's share all the good stuff that happens in T3 :-)

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More information about the Earth Education Gathering

If you would like more information about earth education, Steve Van Matre or the introduction to earth education and speech you can follow the links below.


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Earth Education Gathering to take place in the Kaueranga Valley

Steve Van Matre, founder of the Institute for Earth Education and author of many books and programmes introducing children to nature, will be delivering the Introduction to Earth Education workshop and his inspiring speech "Mapbearers, toolkeepers, starmakers as part of the 2013 Earth Education Gathering, which will take place from the 22nd to the 24th of March at the Kauaeranga Forest Education Camp.

If you think you may be interested in attending this event or in volunteering to… Continue

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Rangers of the Earth programme funded for Moanataiari School

Moanataiari school has obtained funding to run the earth education programme "Rangers of the Earth" for the 2013 school year. This programme runs for a whole year with the structure of "Head, Heart and Hands. Students learn the science of ecology using experiential learning methods, while developing their love for the natural world through sensory and solitude based activities. They then put their new knowledge into action to change their energy and material use habits and work on projects to… Continue

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Permaculture Turangi

Australasian Permaculture Convergence 2011 info@apc11.co.nz via server.smartrange.co.nz …

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For Earth and Neighbourhood


Latest article now available in the How Communities Heal project – Robin Allison – For Earth and Neighbourhood ... demonstrating how the principles of co-housing, eco-architecture and permaculture lead to social and environmental sustainability. This can be read online at …

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Clean Energy Doco.

Clean Energy documentary Empower Yourself

Posted: 10 Jun 2012 09:24 AM PDT



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Bringing Steve Van Matre founder of the Institute for Earth Education to Thames

Hi again

We have an opportunity to bring Steve Van Matre over here to run his introductory Earth Education workshop here in Thames.  Steve is the founder of the Institute for Earth Education and author of the classic books for introducing children to nature "Acclimatisation" and "Acclimatising".  He has also written wonderful, detailed programmes for introducing people of all ages to ecology and how we are connected to it so that they can learn to live more lightly on the earth.  We…


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Local Currency, Common-wealth

As we begin to think about the possibility of Local Currency, here's a reccent BBC clip from Greece.

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Business/Organisation/T3 Groups



Great News for Solar (1):

Siemens and Semprius double photovoltaic effiency.

Great news for Solar (2):

using salt to capture and store energy

Peak Oil again in news - Nature magazine article. follow link: Co-author David King is former science advisor to UK government. 

The idea of ‘peak oil’ — that global production will reach a peak and then decline — has been around for decades.  The true volume of proven global reserves is clouded by secrecy; forecasts by state oil companies are not audited and seem to be exaggerated. The notion that oil is produced by the earth - abiogenic oil - is largely discredited.


Should we be concerned about the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA)? Click link for news.

If these secret negotiations succeed [the only documents in the public domain have been leaked] they will create a mega-treaty across nine or more countries that puts a straightjacket on the policies and laws our government can adopt for the next century and give massive new powers to corporations.

Thames residents may be sitting on a gold mine

There is an application to prospect for gold underneath the town pending approval.

The application by Zedex Gold [application 53981 - purple on map] was lodged with the Ministry of Economic Development on October 4th 2011.

To find out more background see these links:  

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