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Fluoridation in Thames

Thames is the only place in the Coromandel that has fluoridation. Incase you don't know, the fluoride that is used to put in the water is a toxic waste from the phosphate fertiliser industry. Here's a couple of good links to an Australian site that explains how Fluoride is an environmental pollution ; and how they obtain the fluoride to… Continue

Posted on November 4, 2010 at 22:00 — 2 Comments

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At 12:45am on November 17, 2010, doris sippl gave Mary Byrne a gift
Hi Mary, great that there is new energy to look again at the flouridation of our drinking water!!!Was on my mind for a long time!DorisI (will be there on the 22nd. )
At 1:06 on November 10, 2010, Michal Tal said…
Hi there Mary,
Keep up the good work. Do you need help with this event in any way?
Also I read your comments above about water filters and just thought I'd let you know that I sell water filters that take out fluoride and put natural minerals into your water. But it is true that most common filters can not take out fluoride.
Also, in regards to some other comments left on this page i would like to say that ofcourse you haven't seen anyone suffering from bad effects of fluoride in the last 40 years in Thames. Just like you haven't seen anyone suffering from the bad effects of pesticides on their food for the last 40 years, or from heavy metal residues in their water/food supply, and the list can go on....thats because when your neighbour down the road got cancer or perhaps your family relative or perhaps a friend then no one knows why...
or perhpas when they got alzhiemers or depression then no one knows why...
You dont drop dead or go straight into hospital when you drink a glass of Town Water.
And I find nothing impressing about goverment health authorities that think they have the write to "medicate" a whole population just to suit their agenda.
At 9:56am on November 08, 2010, Linda Joyce Sayer gave Mary Byrne a gift
At 20:38 on November 6, 2010, Stan Sims said…
Hi Mary,
I am not impressed by the articles and information you pointed out to me. Yes I know fluoride is a toxic element, but the articles have nothing to do with minute amounts in drinking water. I have been a pharmacist and am well aware that small amounts of materials, toxic and poisonous at one level may be healthfully efficacious at other levels. It may be true to say with most medicines a doctor has to balance out the harm against the good (may be life saving or life prolonging good) before deciding to prescribe a substance. That is usual, rather than unusual.
What impresses me more is the policy statement on water fluoridation by the Public Health Association of NZ, who take a wide understanding of the science into account and stll approve its use for dental purposes in NZ. Of course they are not infallible, nor do they or science in general have absolute knowledge about any matter; but they are prepared to go with what is the best science of the moment, and review it every three years. More knowledge is of course always possible.
But statistically it seems that the poorest in society reap the most benefit from fluoridation of water - they are unlikely to have the best food or care that would benefit their teeth, and they are the most unlikely to ever have the benefit of fluoride tablets. Concern for these people means that they can be protected by communal fluoridation and to date there are no figures that suggest any of the bad things that so concern you may be happening.
I personally do not believe that this is an issue that should be decided by democratic vote, referendum etc, because those responsible for deciding should do so overwhelmingly on the science of the issue. Stan Sims
At 12:59 on November 6, 2010, Stan Sims said…
As you suggest, I think I am environmentally conscious, which is not to say that I support your crusade. Stopping the fluoridisation of our water, in my opinion, has nothing to do with environmentalism, it is a red herring or blind alley only. I have been in Thames for over 40 years, and am unaware of anyone suffering any bad effects from fluoride in our water. Scientific evidence from around the world is compatible with this experience. This crusade can only harm serious environmentalism, which is facing a losing battle against the destruction of the environment which is leading to the ending of human life in a comparatively short time. For example, G S Starweaver's inane statement about her water smelling only shows her ignorance of what is at stake in this issue; and if environmentalism becames associated with this type of emotional and ignorant nonsense, it will "prove" to anti-environmentalists that we are all tarred with the same brush. Mary, please desist from your efforts against fluoride in our water - your crusade can do much more harm than good. Stan Sims.
At 12:42 on November 6, 2010, Gloria Jean Starweaver said…
I am happy to deliver flyers..on my mobility scooter around Thames etc will send you private message re my address etc.
At 12:33pm on November 06, 2010, Gloria Jean Starweaver gave Mary Byrne a gift
At 12:28 on November 6, 2010, Gloria Jean Starweaver said…
I support you Mary...I filled my washer this morning and almost choked on the smell..sure didnt smell like clean water to me. xox
At 10:50 on November 6, 2010, maeve smith said…
hi there, happy to support you , however i can with this issue...

have a great day,
At 22:40 on November 5, 2010, jude Lay said…
Sounds great...would you like to meet for a coffee/tea somewhere sometime to discuss this? love jude



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