Transition towns, it seems to me, are a response to a situation - mostly peak oil. Yet mixed in with that, people in the Transition-Town-flow know that things have to be different, peak oil or not. Many have known and practiced the difference before the term 'peak oil' was even thought about. It just so happens that how we are being forced to behave now with the guages all reading red, is how those people have had an inkling was the wisest way to behave anyway. It was more in sync with Natural Order. These people were consciously aware that there IS a Natural Order for starters.

That's a long intro for the author I have just discovered (though he wasn't lost - did die last year though, aged 94) Thomas Berry, Eco-theologian, Earth scholar and leader in the tradition of Teilhard de Chardin.
"The most basic issue of our time, I propose, is not divine-human relations nor even interhuman relations.The most basic issue of our time is human-Earth relations." [Capitals, his]
"... The current extinction [of the Cenozoic era] is being caused by human action within a cultural tradition shaped in biblical Christian and classical-humanist matrix.
The tragic flaw in both traditions seems to be an anthropocentrism that has turned into a profound cultural pathology.
... We also need the story of our past and our dream of the future Esozoic Era [his term], for this coming era must first be dreamed. Through the dream comes the guidance, the energy, and the endurance we will need. The transition that is before us will cost an immense effort and require a wisdom beyond anything that we have known before." from The Sacred Universe, 2009
He posits a new take on the Creation Story, one that tells the Universe Story. The story always 'bounds' the dream, here is a man who tells a bigger story and has certainly helped me clarify those 'inklings' (that I have felt for years) into a clearer picture. 

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Hi Pennie,

I really enjoyed following up on Thomas Berry. There's some great videos on YouTube some with him [], and some readings from his work [see:].

There's an absolute need for rediscovering the forms, projects, and steps that re-weave us spiritually, emotionally, physically, socially, and passionately to the natural world, so that the rhythms, efficiencies, and co-creativity that we are already part of can infuse and enthuse our consciousness and being.




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