2016 - Conversation is Back!! Seems we really are the one's we've been waiting for.

I don't remember why we dropped this function from the website - but it was years ago.   Seems a good time to start the conversations again.

How about you tell us what is exciting or bothering you right now that is relevant to the spirit of relocalisation that lies at the heart of Transition.

For me, its about keeping focussed and confident even though I have profound misgivings about the world we're heading into.  The joyous cacophony of exciting and upbeat stories of a system waking up and embracing new ideas is balanced only by the subtle uncertainty of noticing, for example, how often of late the weather hasn't done what one would expect.  How often this summer and autumn we have heard that we were in for a blow or a drenching, and all we got was even more leaden humidity.

Trish's seedlings, for no apparent reason, went through several weeks of very wayward behaviour - so bad, in fact, that she decided not to go to market at all one week.

Friends in Canada have been uncertainly celebrating 3 incredibly mild months, and the salmon spawning is all over the show, it seems.

More than ever, it seems to me, we (whoever "we" are) must take steps, however small and apparently futile, to put things in place so that our kids and grandkids have something to hang on to.

Which means finding ways to shake off the hypnotic trance of busy-ness, stress, and lack of time.  I guess that's the exciting bit - realising that there's a whole new wave of energy coming through to get these conversations into schools, business places, and the clubs and common rooms where we meet.  

The greatest way to break down fear and uncertainty is to start to talk about it.   Of course no-one knows what to do really - despite the fact that everyone has a few good ideas.  Because what to do is going to be a collective thing.  We got to this place through a collective embrace of a story that has clearly worn out.  We'll only get out through a similarly collective sort of process, hopefully more thought through this time!!

And it seems that that's emerging, through the chaotic, shapeless, sometimes dangerous and often deeply unclear phenomenon of humanity.  Lets keep turning up and conversing.

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